Corporate And Portfolio Services.

Suburban will  help you develop strategies to create value and maximize efficiency across your real estate portfolio.

Suburban will be your partner throughout every phase, allowing you to focus on your core business.

 Together, we will manage global real estate decisions while increasing returns and minimizing risk.  With the right people, processes, technology, data, and metrics, Suburban will align business objectives with real estate solutions, including:

  • Portfolio Analysis and Optimization

  • Lease Administration

  • Critical Date Tracking

  • Cost Reduction Opportunities

  • Business Intelligence

  • Benchmarking and Best Practices

  • Development of Key Performance Indicators

Mid American Overseas

“Bryan (Barus) is our go-to broker on a national basis. He is our de facto in-house real estate department; handling all relocations, renewals, expansions, contractions, etc. Bryan understands our business objectives and implements them flawlessly.  His efforts translate into real bottom-line dollars.”